Roku Private Channels

Roku, Inc. removed all private channels, also known as non-certified channels, in February 2022. These channels were automatically removed from all Roku devices and will not be returning. More information can be found in this article.

Although the following private/non-certified channels are no longer available, we are keeping this list online for the time being for those who wish to research the lost channels and look for replacements.

Recitals of the Quran
A look at past high profile crime cases by California attorney Richard Dwyer
Boxing matches, interviews, and training videos
Web-based series titled "The Battalion" that follows the lives of firefighters, EMS personnel, and first responders
Streaming "Grindhouse" style movies 24/7
A collection of personal stories from Ex-Mormons
Educational public broadcast channel from Austin, Texas
A collection of movies directed by Jason S. Lockard
Watch Sermons from Pastor Jason S. Lockard
Live Stream Peruvian Television
Feature length movies and television series from South India
An eclectic mix of independent creations that defy explanation
Musical performances from Disney's 2014 Night of Joy
A collection of podcasts and YouTube channels
Two games, Tag and Geometry, played on your Roku with a free Android app
Indie film shorts and series
A grassroots, conservative talk radio network
Videos on medical and other non-recreational uses of marijuana
Show teasers and interviews with the cast
Sing-along for children