Roku Private Channels

Roku, Inc. removed all private channels, also known as non-certified channels, in February 2022. These channels were automatically removed from all Roku devices and will not be returning. More information can be found in this article.

Although the following private/non-certified channels are no longer available, we are keeping this list online for the time being for those who wish to research the lost channels and look for replacements.

A live feed of the Israeli TV News from Israeli TV 2
Science fiction movies that sought to cash in on the Star Wars craze in the late 70s and early 80s
Motivational speeches from sales trainer and consultant to the national business community
Video shorts and punk rock videos
Fully customizable clock for timing and tracking poker tournaments
Adventures, stories and travels from “off the beaten path” places and locations around the South
3-D movies, series, music videos, trailers, and slideshows
A game that requires you to eat while not getting eaten
Listen live to the FurCast, Friday Night Tech, and Maestro Paws podcasts
Spanish-language programming that promotes biblical Christian principles and values
Vintage television, Local Professional Wrestling, Movies, Music, Boxing and more...
Send photos, videos, and music to your Roku and to those of your friends
Real conversations about everything that happens in our world
Videos from Mooster Records-signed bands
Anime theme songs
Watch and share movies you own
Great music to take you down old Route 66 even if you're not in your car
Uplifting, encouraging and motivational television to help viewers live their most wonderful life
Checks for updates to your Roku channels
Tips on turning scrap to $$$