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Private Channel Notice!

Roku has removed all private (non-certified) channels from Roku devices and this channel is no longer available. See this article for more information.

Arrange your Roku channels into custom groups

Add Channel

RokuGuide Channel Description: My Channels improves on the standard Roku menu by allowing you to create custom channel groups for organizing your Roku channels, while the standard Roku menu only lets you move the channel locations. You can create custom groups by pressing the * key on your Roku remote. Then select the channel you want to place in a group and press the * key again. You will be prompted to add that channel to another group.

This app also tracks your recently launched and your most popular channels in groups by those names. To move the location of these or your custom groups, use the * key again to access that option.

Unfortunately, the My Channels app doesn't completely replace the Roku version of My Channels. When you exit any other channel, you're returned to the main Roku menu and you will need to launch this app again to get back to your custom groups, so we recommend that you move My Channels to the top of your Roku's Home screen to make it easier to access.

FEES: None

-- Information is current as of April 30, 2020