The Space Opera Channel

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Independent fan films, short films and sci-fi series

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RokuGuide Channel Description: The Space Opera Channel offers a wide variety of science fiction/fantasy content, from independent Fan Films to vintage television shows and movies. The channel offers both a live stream and on demand video, which are separated out into the following headings:

  • Space Opera TV - A live stream of channel programming, 24/7 Space Opera Serials
  • Fan Films - Independent film makers contributions
  • Short Films - The best Sci-Fi Short films from independent viewer contributions
  • Vintage Films - The Invisible Avenger
  • MERCS - 2 episodes of MERCS, an SOC original
  • Pioneer One - 6 episodes from the Sci-Fi drama series
  • Project S.E.R.A. - A Sci-fi action drama series
  • Malice - 18 episodes of the Sci-fi Fantasy series by Phillip Cook
  • Rocketmen vs Robots - Several episodes of the "animated" SOC original series
  • Flash Gordon - 12 episodes from the 1950's television series
  • Space Angel - 2 episodes of the Vintage Sci-fi animated series
  • Captain Z-Ro - 12 episodes of thevintage Sci-fi series
  • Undersea Kingdom - 12 episodes currently available
  • One Step Beyond - 5 episodes of Paranormal Suspense

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