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Free music written, produced, and performed by Jonathan Coulton

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RokuGuide Channel Description: JoCo Roku is the work of Jonathan Coulton, a musician, song writer and performer that quit his job and started performing music. His "claim to fame" is a project he undertook he called "Thing a Week" in which he released a new song that he produced and performed every week, for free, for one year. Somehow the idea caught on with his fans who in turn started paying for the music even though it was free.

The channel itself offers a single live stream of his music. There is a Lyrics tab so you can sing along, a tab to vote Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down, additional information about the artist, and information where his music can be purchased.

His music is mostly all original with a sound of it's own. He has several cover songs, with the most notable one being "Baby Got Back", by Sir Mix-a-Lot. His music been compared to "They Might be Giants", "Barenaked Ladies" and "Loudon Wainwright III."

Coulton's music can also be found on the public Roku channel JoCo Radio.

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Jonathan Coulton Website