Your Independent TV Streamer Guide

Roku Movies & TV Channels

Movies and TV shows in every genre await you, from silent films to current blockbusters and today's hottest series, with these Roku channels.

Vintage cartoons the whole family can enjoy, including Popeye, The 3 Stooges, Casper and more
Classic American television shows and movies
Classic westerns
Promotional movie trailers, vintage car commercials, and classic "Hot Rod" movies
Movie teaser for the upcoming documentary, plus vintage car commercials, promos, car films, and music
Uncut horror-themed music videos, movies, movie trailers, and original programming
Public domain films from the early 20th century
Historic war time footage narrated by reporters, covering several wars including WWII, Korea, and Vietnam
On-demand and live streaming vintage public domain movies
Vintage public domain movies and television programming
Podcasts covering a variety of topics, from lifestyle to politics
A collection of "News Updates" focusing on Celebs, Politics, Sports and the Arts
Adventure, sports, drama, comedy, health, travel, and children's programs
No content currently available
Live stream of Tamil cultural content
Live stream of Malayalam television programming
Original 3D and animated movie shorts
Stream Animal Planet live and watch full episodes on demand (cable/satellite TV subscription required)
Vintage public domain cartoons
A compilation of short animated films from emerging students/artists