Roku Lifestyle Channels

Improve your life with these Roku channels offering tips on fashion and beauty, crafting, healthy lifestyles, home organization, and design.

Fashion shows, celebrity news, shopping, reality and music
RV and camping lifestyle TV show
Makeup tutorials, vlogs, and ASMR videos
Guidance and spirituality topics from the Indian mystic, yogi, and visionary who has dedicated his life to exploring the nature of human existence
Wisdom and powerful yoga and meditation practices to empower every individual to live at their peak potential.
Christian-based programming that is safe for all family members
A chronicle of the adventures of a family of three sailing from south Florida to the Bahamas
Sailing vlogs from a young Australian couple
Beauty and lifestyle tips, tricks and training from industry experts
Stories from people and places all across the State of Georgia
Original, unique talk radio on a variety of topics
Watch scenic nature videos from around the world set to soothing music
Videos of soothing nature scenes
Videos from the Neem's Themes YouTube channel and a series called "Brand It"
A still picture on your screen while gentle music plays in the background
Questions about sex are addressed by both men and women
Make-up and beauty tips and lifestyle advice
Makeup tips, tricks, and product reviews
A premium streaming service bringing you the world's finest films about architecture & design ($)
Fashion tutorials