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New Roku Channels - July 26, 2019

July 26, 2019 - 17:13 -- RokuGuide

New Roku Channels - July 26, 2019We reviewed 26 new Roku channels this week, with content in the categories of Fitness, Food, Games, Kids & Family, Lifestyle,Movies & TV, Music, Special Interest, Sports, Travel, and Web Video. Click on the links below for more details on each channel, including our exclusive channel reviews.

ROW8 - The latest Hollywood movies, fresh from their theatrical runs and available to you before subscription streaming services ($)
L'ABBAYE DES MORTS - A platform game in which you have to survive the different rooms of an abandoned church to solve the mysteries that lie inside
MVD Horror Movie Binge - Horror films from the 1990s to present day
RidePass - All access pass to the world of western sports; stream PBR Unleash The Beast Tour, Rodeo, Velocity Tour, original series, news and opinion, and more ($)
Colonel March of Scotland Yard - A 1950s British TV series in which The Department of Queer Complaints investigates unusual cases, locked-room murders, and mysteries concerning the supernatural
Dick Tracy Returns - A 1938 film serial that about the fictional detective's efforts to capture Pa Stark and his five criminal sons, Champ, Trigger, Dude, The Kid, and Slasher
In The Kitchen With Matt - Learn how to cook gourmet tasting food, to rival the restaurants, right in your own home
Jungle Menace - A 1937 film serial about a soldier of fortune who intervenes in and investigates attempts to run a rubber plantation owner and his daughter off their land in the fictional Asian land of Seemang
The Whistler - A 1950s television anthology mystery series about blackmail, murder, con men, missing persons and other unsavory goings-on
Timmy Uppet and Friends - Entertaining videos for kids; learn letters, small words, colors, numbers, counting and shapes in a fun and creative way.
You Bet Your Life! - Groucho Marx hosts a quiz show which features a series of competitive questions and a great deal of humorous conversation
A Woman in Grey - A 1920 silent film serial melodrama
Shell Shock Fitness TV - Cardio-kickboxing, strength training, HIIT, and functional fitness videos ($)
Snow Films - Independent short films and documentaries
The King of the Congo - A 1929 film serial that centers around a U.S. Air Force captain and his quest for missing microfilm that contains vital information
Underbelly - A limited collection of thrillers, cult classics, and horror films
Adam B - UK based channel featuring challenges, pranks, unboxings and Q & As
Dr.Wily - Gaming videos with an emphasis on Nintendo games like Super Mario Bros and The Legend Of Zelda
The Alpine Channel - Alpine's non-profit community radio station - Mountain Country 107.9
zoneify - A curated collection of videos from trendy magazines and Internet outlets
Austin John Plays - Gaming! - Gaming videos, including Pokémon Sun and Moon, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Skyrim, Fallout, and more
Elle Leary Beauty - Makeup, skincare, fashion and overall beauty tutorials from a celebrity makeup artist
Poker Strategy - Poker strategy videos
Toy Galaxy - A weekly web-show dedicated to action figure reviews, lists, VS. battles, video games, and History Of's
Travel On TV - Travel destinations around the world
World Class Films - 23 vintage public domain action, horror, and drama movies