Quick Look: L'ABBAYE DES MORTS has the appearance of an early-1980s video game based on the sound and graphics, but was actually developed in 2010. You use your remote to guide your player through a maze of traps and monsters and to elude your potential captors.

The "Info" tab on this Roku game provides instructions on how to move your character, and tells you what items you should be gathering or looking for along the way. You start the game with 9 lives and traverse a maze of ancient ruins below a 13th-century church in France while being pursued by a legion of crusaders. The controls are very difficult to use making the game that much more difficult.

Below is a game play-through found on YouTube.

-- Information is current as of July 24, 2019

Roku Channel Store Description: A platform game in which you have to survive the different rooms of an abandoned church to solve the mysteries that lie inside. This will not be easy.

In this game you play Jean Raymond, monk of the order of the Cathars, persecuted by the Catholic Church as a heretic by preaching about the poverty of Christ and life without material aspirations.

The style of the original game is flat colors, very similar to the colors used in the old Spectrum ZX. But it can also be changed to 256-color graphics on the main menu screen.

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DEVELOPER: Matt Moores

FEES: None