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The King of the Congo

Quick Look: The King of the Congo (1929) is a 10-chapter movie serial based on the comic book character "Thun'da." According to Wikipedia, "The film is a complicated serial with more twists and turns than a maze. It centers around a U.S. Air Force captain and his quest for missing microfilm that contains vital information. Buster Crabbe plays the heroic Captain Roger Drum, who shoots down an enemy plane carrying the microfilm while on its way to deliver it to Africa. Intent on revealing the subversive group for whom the microfilm's message is intended, Drum assumes the pilot's identity and flies his twin-engine aircraft to Africa, where he crashes in the jungle. He is rescued by the primitive Rock People, led by Princess Pha (Gloria Dea). He is renamed Thunda, King of the Congo, after he repeatedly rings a temple gong with a large stone mallet to sound an alarm. With the subversives believing Thunda is their missing pilot, and under constant attack by another primitive tribe called the Cave Men, Captain Drum plots to bring down the subversive group, who are searching for a new metal more radioactive and powerful than uranium. At the serial's conclusion, Thunda (Drum) clears the jungle of the villains and reunites the Rock People and Cave Men."

The first chapter of The King of the Congo, "Mission of Menace," can be seen below.

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Roku Channel Store Description: An Air Force captain is assigned to find some missing top-secret microfilm.
Stars: Buster Crabbe, Gloria Dea, Leonard Penn

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