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A Woman in Grey

Quick Look: A Woman in Grey (1920) is a 15-chapter silent film serial that has been referred to as "the last of the adult serials" - not because it has "adult" content, but because the serials that followed were geared toward children.

We haven't had the opportunity to watch all chapters of this seria, but Unseen Films says that "Arline Pretty stars as... a young woman with a hidden past who wanders into the life of a retired attorney named Armory (who) once came from a rich family but at some point his family lost the money and was forced to sell the old mansion- to the families (sic) former house keeper. Armory made his way in the world and years after the housekeeper was murdered and the house left vacant Armory buys the house back intent on finding the fortune he know his father had hidden there." You'll find the rest of the Unseen Films review at the preceding link.

One of the chapters of this serial can be seen below.

-- Information is current as of July 26, 2019

Roku Channel Store Description: A Woman in Grey is based on a very creaky melodramatic Victorian novel of the same name by A.M. and C.N. Williamson (1898). It is sometimes described as one of the last "adult" serials but the term "adult" here is distinctly relative. Stars: Arline Pretty, Henry G. Sell, Fred C. Jones

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