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Roku has removed all private (non-certified) channels from Roku devices and this channel is no longer available. See this article for more information.

Watch YouTube videos on your Roku-connected TV


Information is current as of 1/14/15.

Roku users who want to watch YouTube videos over their Roku players can do so with MyVideoBuzz. MyVideoBuzz operates like any other Roku public or private channel, but installing it takes a bit more work. More on that in a moment. First, here's some information on MyVideoBuzz. (If you're familiar with the channel's original incarnation as VideoBuzz, scroll down for installation instructions.)

In the absence of a full-fledged "official" YouTube channel, MyVideoBuzz does admirably as a fill-in. You don't have access to all of the web-based YouTube features, but MyVideoBuzz does a nice job of delivering a basic YouTube interface on the Roku. When used in combination with the YouTube website, you can watch any YouTube video on your Roku-connected TV.

MyVideoBuzz has an adequate search feature that returns the thumbnail image, title, and the first line of the video's description. Individual video results are sorted by relevance, by publication date, and by rating. Results are also returned for the categories of HD Videos, Playlists, and Channels.

To get the most benefit out of this channel, though, you will want to use it in conjunction with YouTube's website or smartphone app. Log into YouTube, select the videos that you want to watch, and add them to your favorites or to one of your playlists. (Make sure that your favorites and playlists are marked public.) Now go to the MyVideoBuzz channel on your Roku and enter your YouTube username. That's it - you don't have to log in, just enter your username and you'll find all of your uploads, favorites, and playlists ready to watch on your Roku-connected TV.

Because you don't login, you can watch anyone else's videos as well. For example, I like to keep up with barbecue ideas from the BBQ Pit Boys. From the MyVideoBuzz channel, all I have to do is enter their user name, barbecueweb, and their videos are all there. They're even organized by playlist: ribs, bacon, steak, hamburger, etc. Unfortunately, you can't store usernames, so you will need to re-enter your own YouTube username to regain access to your own playlists.

If you just want to browse, MyVideoBuzz has several playlists for you to choose from: Top Channels, Top Rated, Most Discussed, Top Favorites, and Most Responded. There is also a Nursery Rhymes category (labeled beta).

How to Install MyVideoBuzz

To install MyVideoBuzz, you will need to visit the MyVideoBuzz home page. First, though, you will need the latest version of Firefox or Google Chrome (tablets and smartphones will not work). Also, your TV and Roku device must be turned on and connected to same network as your computer.

If you've done the above, click on the Install VideoBuzz button. You will be provided with the above list of requirements, then you will be led through the following installation steps:

  • Agree to the MyVideoBuzz license restrictions.
  • Enter the IP address of your Roku player (instructions on where to find this information on the Roku device are provided).
  • Enable Developer Mode on your Roku device by pushing a specific sequence of buttons on your remote.
  • After agreeing to a developer agreement, your Roku will reboot.
  • Install MyVideoBuzz onto your Roku by clicking the link on the website.

The entire process is much simpler and faster than it sounds, and MyVideoBuzz will remain in your channel list with no need to repeat this process.

The channel is free, but donations are solicited as the last step in the process. After installing the channel, the website will offer you the option of donating $1 to $15 to support further development.

This is new channel, so there aren't a lot of features yet. The last user name you enter will be saved when you exit the channel, but when you enter a user name it deletes the previous one; if you follow several different YouTube accounts, you will have to re-enter those user names each time. Because you don't log in, information flows one-way: you can't save video as a favorite, for example. And there is no "play all" feature, so you can't queue up a hour's worth of short videos and sit back with no interaction.


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