Nowhere Scope

Private Channel Notice!

Roku has removed all private (non-certified) channels from Roku devices and this channel is no longer available. See this article for more information.

Nowhere Scope is no longer available as a private/non-certified channel on Roku

SORRY - Nowhere Scope is no longer available as a private/non-certified channel on Roku.

Channel Description: Nowhere Scope brings Periscope, the live streaming app for Android and iOS, to the Roku. Periscope gives subscribers the ability to upload live video streams for viewers around the world to watch in real time.

Nowhere Scope allows Roku users the ability to watch these videos on Roku rather than on mobile Android and iOS devices, and without registering. Nowhere Scope offers the ability to choose from up to several dozen recent streams. You will need to exit the channel and relaunch to refresh the offerings. In one instance, the number of recent streams went from 88 to 33 to 96 within just a few minutes. Use the * key on your Roku remote to search for a specific stream.

Nowhere Scope screenshot As seen in the screenshot, The menu displays a thumbnail of each stream, a timestamp of the stream, the streamer's user name, and the tweet that the streamer sent to announce the stream. The videos are in many different languages in addition to English. The video quality varies depending on the person providing the stream. Some of the videos were very "jumpy", while others were sideways - it depends on the setup the streamer has. You'll also find that many of the listed streams are not currently active.

Meerkat, a live streaming app that competes with Periscope, is also available on Roku through the Nowhere Kat private channel.

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