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Live feeds from Israeli radio and TV stations

Add Channel - IsraTV

Channel Description: This private Roku channel offers a large number of live feeds from Israeli radio and TV stations. The following content is currently listed, although not all feeds were working at the time of this review:

  • Internet Radio - 2 internet radio stations
  • Regional Radio - 18 broadcast radio stations, including Radio TelAviv, Kol Yizrael, and Radio Haifa
  • Nationwide Radio - 8 broadcast radio stations, including Galatz, Reshet Bet, and Kol HaMusica
  • Main TV - 10 TV channels, including Arutz 24 ("Israel's music television) and Hadashot Arutz 2 (Israel Channel 2 news)
  • Religious - 7 TV channels, including Kabbalah TV, Jewish Broadcasting Service (US), and Jewish Life TV (US)
  • Other Languages - 10 radio and TV stations in languages that include Arabic, English, French, and multilingual

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FEES: None

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-- Information is current as of February 18, 2016