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Dash Radio

Over 80 no-ad radio stations in many genres, including pop, rock, R&B, hip-hop, talk, jazz, Latin, and more

SORRY - The DashRadio channel is no longer available.

Channel Description: Dash Radio offers listeners over 80 different commercial-free stations to choose from. Stations are not listed in any particular order, and, unlike on the Dash Radio website, the genres are not shown, but the stations, a few are listed below, feature a wide range of genres, including country, decade-specific, electronic & dance, hip-hop, Latin, jazz & classical, pop, R&B, talk, world, and rock & alternative.

  • 80's (Decades)
  • Tailgate (Country)
  • Fusion (Pop)
  • What the Funk (R&B)
  • Church of Rock & Roll (Rock & Alternative)
  • The Cut (Hip-Hop)
  • LOUD (Electronic & Dance)
  • Cannabis Talk 101 - Talk
  • The Cross (Faith & Gospel)
  • The Blue Spot (Jazz & Classical)
  • La Isla (Latin)

The Roku channel does not identify the artist or song title, however you can find the playlist for all of the stations on the Dash Radio website (link provided below).

CHANNEL ACCESS CODE: SORRY - This channel is no longer available.

FEES: None

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-- Information is current as of August 17, 2017

Dash Radio on Roku
Dash Radio on Roku