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Zoomi - Free Educational TV

Quick Look: Zoomi - Free Educational TV contains 17 different viewing choices from standalone Roku channels and YouTube channels. Content is available in several languages, including English, Spanish, Portuguese and Hindu. Content providers include:

  • Om Nom
  • Kiddo
  • Peekabo Kids
  • Magic Fingers Art
  • Kiddies TV
  • Toobys Spanish
  • Leoncito Alado
  • BINGE Kids
  • Geethanjali Kids
  • Teenie Weenie
  • Club Baboo
  • Tea Time with Tayla
  • Brain Candy
  • Smart Babies
  • Toy Stories
  • Toy Trains 4U

Clicking on any of these provides from within the Zoomi channel will bring up a collection of videos from that creator. Content covers a broad spectrum of educational topics that include Numbers, ABC's, Shapes, Colors, Animals and much more. Below is one of the hundreds of videos currently available.

-- Information is current as of September 22, 2021

Developer's Channel Description: Welcome to Zoomi, a very special kids’ world, with content from some beloved producers and shows for youngsters. Kids from around the world can explore different languages (such as English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Hindu), and you'll find shows like Little Smart Planet and Hooray Hippo -which besides entertaining you, will teach you fun new things. Watch popular shows like: The Teenies, TV shows with songs in variety of languages, Funny Funlings, Toy Train Stories, ABC learning and coloring, Arts & Crafts shows and so much more. Our content library is filled with family-friendly videos about different topics, igniting your kids’ inner creativity, songs, magic, adventures, playfulness and more. It’s everything from their favorite shows and music to learning how to build a model of a Lego train and vehicle or make crafts, and everything in between.

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