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Quick Look: Zebra offers a library of animated videos featuring popular nursery rhymes, ABCs, 1,2,3's, Colors and Seasonal Festivals.

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-- Information is current as of October 20, 2017

Developer's Channel Description: Every child is restless or gets bored easily during their preschool days, hence it is important to keep them busy and entertained so that they continue learning even outside the kindergarten classroom. At Zebra Nursery Rhymes, we create compilations of videos that will teach your tiny toddlers how to always remember their shapes, colors, numbers and ABCs wherever they are. Our videos for kids are colorful, with cartoon animals and toys that will pop up on your babies screens with some catchy songs and poems, thus keeping them engrossed. But not everyone is new, as we make videos for old friends like Humpty Dumpty and Johny, as well for our poor London Bridge that keeps falling down. Zebra Nursery Rhymes makes special rhymes for your favorite characters, as well as uses the medium of music and song to teach your kids to not cheat and to always be fair. If you want your preschoolers to have a holistic education, subscribe now!

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