Yeet! Kids TV

Quick Look: Yeet! Kids TV is a cartoon channel featuring some of your favorite animated series, including:

  • Rat-A-Tat (2 seasons) - "Doggy Don, a little red dog, is helped by his elder brother Colonel to fight against three mice named Motu, Chhotu and Lambu."
  • Kikoriki (2 seasons) - "An energetic rabbit and his ball-shaped friends live in a fantastic world where chocolate is abundant, dreams can be chosen and anything can happen."
  • Fixies (2 seasons) - "Seen only by kids, the Fixies are tiny creatures who mend broken appliances, gadgets and electrical circuits. When one of the Fixies is transformed into a super-powered rascal, it's up to his friends, a young boy and a lab professor to save the day."
  • Dibidogs (2 seasons) - "Follow the adventures of Rocky, Emmy and their friends as they explore and have fun on the enchanting planet of the Dibidogs."
  • Kat & Keet (2 seasons) - "Cat and Keet embark on an journey filled with hysterical escapades. Colorful characters like Sethji, Katreena, the neighboring cat, and the 'Mean Cats' street gang who make appearances and promise to make one laugh ones guts out."
  • Kiko Sea Adventures (10 episodes) - "KIKO, Indonesia Animation that tell story about a fish-boy living in Underwater Valley named 'Asri Town' with his best friends POLI, LOLA, PATINO and TINGTING. As kids in the neighborhood."

Below is one of the videos currently available on Yeet! Kids TV.

-- Information is current as of April 23, 2021

Developer's Channel Description: Yeet! Kids TV is the right place that keeps children engaged with absorbing content to fit every mood. Cartoons are both funny and educational so that kids would be taught something useful and enjoy the process at the same time. To avoid boredom, we offer an extensive selection of energetic sports activities that would make your dearests happy. Surf the channel to find content for every age and taste. No payment needed. Reconsider your child’s pastime with free and safe content!

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DEVELOPER: VlogBox, Inc.

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