Wheel of Fortune

Quick Look: Wheel of Fortune on the Roku is played pretty much like they do it on TV, but Pat and Vanna are noticeably absent. This is one of only a few Roku game that support multiple players.

You can choose from one of four games:

  • TV Show Game - select from one to three players. There are always three players, but one or two of them will robo-players if you don't have three humans playing. Each game consists of six rounds, including the Toss-Up, Jackpot, Round 2, Mystery Round, and Bonus Round.
  • Solo game - Spin the wheel, pick a consonant, buy a vowel if you wish, and try to solve the puzzle. If you lose 5 turns in a round, from a bad-luck spin or picking a letter that's not on the board, the game ends.
  • Toss-up Game - A single-player game in which the letters start filling in on their own. Press the OK button and try to solve the puzzle when you think you know the answer, but before the letters are all filled in. You have a limited amount of time to enter all the correct letters, so don't buzz in too soon.
  • Speed-up Game - Each player chooses a letter and has the opportunity to solve the puzzle. If you pass, play passes to the next player. This is also a single-player game, as the other two players are always robo-players.

One thing I have not gotten used to is the fact that there is no announcer and the players have no voices. However, you do have audience noises - clapping and cheering at the appropriate times - making the lack of voices all the more noticeable. I thought the game had an almost creepy feel to it because of this. It shouldn't have been too difficult to add a voice announcing each letter, or to have Pat Sajak giving instructions. You Don't Know Jack is an example of a Roku game with excellent narration.

Developer's Channel Description: Now you can play America's number one game show in your own home. Featuring 1800 puzzles from the Wheel of Fortune writers and customizable contestants. PLEASE NOTE: This game is supported on HD displays only.

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FEES: $4.99 one-time purchase

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