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Quick Look: VideoElephant TV is a live-streaming TV service that features short videos from over 200 media providers, offering news, entertainment, lifestyle, and sports updates. VideoElephant is similar to Pluto TV and Live TV on The Roku Channel, but with content from some well-known sources that you won't find on those services.

What is on VideoElephant TV

VideoElephant TV content covers a wide range of content, including "news, business, weather, entertainment, lifestyle, sports, food, beauty, tech, fitness, science, automotive, and more," according to their website. Whereas better-known live-streaming TV services focus on TV series previously broadcast on TV networks and on movies in various genres, VideoElephant TV is more focused on shorter content, including videos from content publishers' own websites and YouTube channels. Represented are news organizations like Bloomberg, Euronews and France 24; entertainment publications like Sports Illustrated and US Weekly; and magazines such as Reader's Digest, and Family Handyman; and sports content producers like Sailing World and Yachting. That's just a small sampling of the many channels available on VideoElephant TV.

Most channels carry the name of a content producer, but the programming grid shows only that same name in half-hour or one-hour blocks, with no other information regarding content. For example, Wakeboarding provides videos from Wakeboarding magazine; these videos are presented in live-stream on this VideoElephant chanenl, but are also available on the Wakeboarding Magazine website and on YouTube. But don't think that their presence on YouTube means these are amateur-quality vlogs - the channels we sampled all contained professionally-produced high-quality content, although some of these pro videos were interspersed with videos that were recorded on a phone and then edited.

How to Use VideoElephant TV

VideoElephant TV is very basic in terms of functionality and information provides. The app has a traditional programming grid, but as stated above, there is very little information concerning specific content (see screenshot below). The channels are provided in no particular order, although similar channels are sometimes adjacent to one another. The programming grid offers no way to filter or sort, and you cannot "favorite" any channels.

Using VideoElephant TV is very simple. Just select a show in the programming grid and press OK on your remote to show that channel's stream in the live view behind the grid. Press OK again, or the back arrow, to hide the programming grid. In full-screen mode, the back arrow on your remote will reveal the menu bar at the top of the screen (careful, another click of the back button will dump you out of the app). The Discover option in the menu bar show you new streaming channels and various categories of video-on-demand, such as World News, Covid-19 News, Celebrity, Entertainment, and much more. Not all of the listings are VOD, however; some of them just take you back to the live stream of the listed channel.

Also available from the menu bar is a News option that lists all of the news channels available on VideoElephant TV, including many local FOX affiliates.

VideoElephant TV does not allow you to pause, rewind, or fast-forward, but you can channel surf while in full-screen mode by using the up and down directional arrows on your remote.

-- Information is current as of September 23, 2021

Developer's Channel Description: Stream global news & entertainment from 200+ leading brands, all for FREE
Watch 100+ premium and exclusive digital channels and on demand news, entertainment, lifestyle, and sports videos from around the world with VideoElephant TV. Get it all from your favorite global news and entertainment brands. With VideoElephant TV, watch short videos from 200+ award-winning networks and web publishers including: Euronews, PA Media, Tribune Publishing, Al Jazeera, Bonnier Corp., AccuWeather, WatchMojo, Video Detective, Zoomin, and more. And with programming in multiple languages and topics that you love, VideoElephant TV has it all to keep you up-to-date on what’s happening around the world.

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VideoElephant TV on Roku
VideoElephant TV on Roku
VideoElephant TV on Roku
VideoElephant TV on Roku
VideoElephant TV on Roku
VideoElephant TV on Roku
VideoElephant TV on Roku