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Quick Look: VidAngel is a video rental site offering a wide variety of movies, and not just the family friendly ones they advertise. You can search their library based on rating (G ,PG, PG-13, R), by Genre (Romance, Fantasy, Sports) or Alphabetically.

Although most movies are advertised as having a $2 rental fee, there is a catch to this: You must purchase the movie at an average cost of $15 to $20, then watch it and "sell it back to them" within 24 hours to receive a channel credit. Most HD movies cost $2.00, and Standard Definition are $1.50 if you return them within the allotted time. If you do not sell it back within the 24 hour time frame, it is yours. Remember that you get credits toward future purchases, not an actual refund.

In order to use this channel you must create an account and link your Roku. The easiest way to sign up for an account is by using a Google Account or signing in with Facebook. Once you create an account you need to link your Roku, then they ask for a credit card. You will be charged the full movie price when you purchase a movie through the Roku channel.

You may want to look at the library of available content prior to giving them your information. You can view their library by clicking on Movies on the top right of page or on the Roku channel after you link your device.

Below is a brief video from YouTube about how VidAngel works:

-- Information is current as of July 24, 2015

Developer's Channel Description: Movies minus the bosoms, blood and bad words. VidAngel ROKU app lets you:
- Watch filtered SD Movies for just $1.50* each
- Watch filtered HD Movies for just $2* each
- Watch on ROKU, Apple TV, Chromecast, iOS, Android, Mac and PC
1) Buy
2) Watch
3) Keep it or Sell it Back* (total cost if you sell back is the same as Redbox)

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