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Toy Stories

Quick Look: Toy Stories contains a collection of original stop motion videos featuring some of your kid's favorite characters like Thomas the Train, Paw Patrol, McQueen from Cars and Buzz Lightyear. The content comes from the YouTube channel Toy Trains 4u which features a large collection of family-friendly, kid-safe, original content.

Videos are found in the following categories:

  • Cars vs. Monsters
  • Toy Trains Mystery Stories
  • Paw Patrol All Kids Stories (seasons 1,2
  • Funny Funlings Origin Stories
  • Farthest Wins Races
  • Thomas and Friends Big Adventure Stories
  • Spooky Funlings Videos
  • Peppa pig All Kids Videos
  • All Ace Races
  • Learning Videos with the Funlings

One of the many videos available on the Toy Stories Roku channel can be seen below.

-- Information is current as of July 7, 2020

Roku Channel Store Description: We create imaginative family-friendly videos with Peppa Pig, Cars, Trains, and Funny Funlings stories using fun characters from the T.V series.

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