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Sports Slots

Quick Look: Sports Slots is a video slot machine game that lets you bet with virtual coins. You're given a credit of free coins when you start, but you can purchase more through the game, with the payment made through your Roku account. Coins can be purchased in packages of 7,500 for $5 up to 400,000 for $70. You can also get additional coins by watching a video ad (select the "view ad" button on the game screen). Additional coins are also added to your account each day.

To play, just select the amount you want to bet on the spin and then select the "SPIN" button. If you have any winning lines, the game will show you what they are. If clicking SPIN every time is too much work, you can use the Auto Spin feature to continuously spin for you until you hit Stop or run out of coins. Payout rates and possible winning lines are shown in the Pay Table selection by pressing the pause/play button on your remote. This is also where you'll find information such as bonuses associated with special symbols.

Sports Slots also has a Piggy Bank option that lets you "empty the piggy bank" for $6.99 billed to your Roku account. It appears that coins build up in the piggy bank as you play, and the seven-dollar charge unlocks those coins for use in play. The longer you play before emptying the piggy, the more coins you have for the fixed fee. We haven't tested this to confirm; if you do so, please leave a comment below for your fellow slots players.

In addition to Sports Slots, game developer Playtium also offers the following slots games on Roku with other themes:

-- Information is current as of June 16, 2020

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FEES: No fees to play, but additional coins can be purchased in packages for $5 to $70