Quick Look: SlotsTV is a video slot machine very similar to the Slots VIP Roku game. Before you can play the game, you must submit your Roku account information (name and email) so they can "track your winnings." You begin the game with 2000 tokens and every minute of game play you are awarded 10 more tokens that you can collect, with a maximum of 200 at one time; this usually generates a commercial interruption. If you find yourself running low on tokens you can also purchase more using your Roku account information which you provided when authorizing this game to access your account information (this option was not working at the time of the review).

The game has several options including "Auto Spin" and "Fast Spin" plus the ability to bet on the number of lines and variable stakes or multipliers. The longer you play the higher you can wager in terms of stakes and lines. The first game is Egyptian themed, but if you collect 3000 tokens you can unlock other games that include "Under the Sea," "Candy Land," "Spooky Slots," and "Vegas Frenzy." Additional games are promised as coming soon.

The * button will pull up a list of "rules' showing you what the different symbols payout and the various "lines" that are available (maximum of 20). Periodically you will be given the opportunity to play a bonus game called "The Lost Treasure" where you pick random chests and the numbers inside are added together and then multiplied by the sum of all the numbers; be careful not to pick the "claim" chest.

The game "remembers" your account status, so deleting the channel and adding it back will not reset the game, it picks up where you left off.

-- Information is current as of July 3, 2019

Roku Channel Store Description: Great new FREE slots game! Join us to enjoy the best themed 5 reel slots, free Chips every single minute and our unique design makes the game easy and fun to play on your big screen TV!

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DEVELOPER: TransGaming Interactive Limited

FEES: None