Slots VIP

Quick Look: Slots VIP is a free video slots game similar to what you would see in a casino. The game allows you to wager as much as you want, up to the number of tokens in your account, for each spin on any number of lines. You start the game out with over 5,000 tokens and every minute you are awarded 10 tokens for free. Different combinations have different payouts and any "Cherry" that appears on the wheel is a one token credit.

If you somehow run out of tokens or want to increase your winnings potential you can purchase them through your Roku account, prices are as follows:

  • 5000 tokens: $5.00
  • 12000 tokens: $10.00
  • 25000 tokens: $20.00
  • 40000 tokens: $30.00
  • 60000 tokens: $45.00
  • Double tokens for 15 min: $5.00
  • Triple tokens for 15 min: $8.00
  • Double tokens for 30 min: $10.00
  • Triple tokens for 30 min: $15.00
  • Double tokens for 60 min: $15.00
  • Triple tokens for 60 min: $18.00

Note that the "collect tokens" option is how you purchase tokens; there is no mechanism for redeeming them.

-- Information is current as of June 21, 2019

Roku Channel Store Description: Highly fun and highly addictive slot machine game
Stylish golden slot design
Big wins!
For casino lovers everywhere

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