Slots XL

Quick Look: Slots XL plays like any other slot machine you might find in Vegas. The game starts you out with 2000 tokens that you can wager with. Like most slot machines you can choose the wager amount and number of lines to play, (new players are limited to 10 lines initially). As you play you are awarded 10 free tokens for every minute of play that you can add back into your account. However, if you empty your account you can add 200 tokens for free, or you can purchase additional tokens to continue playing. Token prices are as follows:

  • 1000 Tokens- $1.99
  • 3000 Tokens- $4.99
  • 15000 Tokens- $14.99
  • 75000 Tokens- $49.99
  • 250000 Tokens- $99.99

The channel offers 5 different games to play. Initially you start out on Pharaoh's Gold and as you gain experience an tokens you unlock more gaming options. Also as you progress your wagering options increase allowing for larger payouts.

Prior to playing you are required to share your Roku information to get any tokens. Your Roku account is also used if you decide to purchase additional tokens. The * key on your Roku remote explains the winning combinations and payouts as well as explaining additional options that can be unlocked.

And just in case you are thinking of deleting the channel and adding it back to refill your tokens if you go bust, think again. The channel recognizes your account does not allow that to happen after the initial registration.

*Note: This channels is for entertainment purposes only, there are no monetary payouts.

-- Information is current as of June 24, 2016

Developer's Channel Description: Great new FREE slots game! Join us to enjoy the best themed 5 reel slots, free Chips every single minute and our unique XL design makes the game easy and fun to play on your big screen TV!

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DEVELOPER: TransGaming

FEES: Game is free, but additional tokens can be purchased.

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