Ships at War

Quick Look: Ships at War plays exactly like the classic Milton Bradley game Battleship that was introduced in 1967. The game asks you to create a profile and requests that you provide the location (city/state) that is affiliated with your Roku account. Once your account information is completed, which by the way works for the Roku games Checkers Live! and Chess Live!, you are ready to play.

The game offers several options where you can play against the computer or a person, schedule a game, or play against friends. You also have the option of choosing the level of competition, how many ships you want to use (4,6 or 8) and how many need to be destroyed to win the game. You then are asked to strategically place your ships (arrow keys), use the REW key to rotate the ship and once all of the ships are placed hit the FF button and get ready to play.

Game play is the same as the traditional board game with the added effect of missiles being launched at the 2 boards. A red marker indicates a hit, white dictates a miss, keep bombing your opponent until you have sunk his fleet. For an added twist the advanced mode allows you to move your fleet (one ship at a time) one space at a time as well as use a one-time/game recon mission.

Below you will find several screenshots from the game.

-- Information is current as of December 15, 2016

Developer's Channel Description: Play the classic game of Battleships - Live! or against the computer. Play Live! with family, friends, or other Roku users. Play the normal way, or for a more strategic game try the advanced mode which adds recon missions and ship movement for even more fun. Great for all ages! Go Live!

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DEVELOPER: PC-Magic Software, LLC

FEES: None