Checkers Live!

Quick Look: Checkers Live! plays exactly like the actual board game of checkers. The game asks you to create a profile and requests that you provide your location (city/state) that is affiliated with your Roku account. Once your account information is completed, which by the way works for the Chess Live! and Ships at War Roku games, you are ready to play.

The game offers several options where you can play live or locally, schedule a game, or play against friends. You also have the option of choosing the level of competition (beginner to advanced). The game plays like the traditional board game with each player taking turns moving their pieces. The computer aids the players by showing where the selected piece can be moved to without actually moving it. Checkers Live! tracks your stats at each level and allows you to review past games as well as resuming incomplete games for up to 14 days.

Several screen shots are shown below.

-- Information is current as of December 15, 2016

Developer's Channel Description: Play Checkers - Live!. Play online with family, friends, or with other Roku users - or just play locally with your favorite couchmate, . Includes special features like notated review and playback of your games and the ability to send invitations to your friends. Great fun for everyone. Go Live!

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DEVELOPER: PC-Magic Software, LLC

FEES: None