Quick Look: The offical Roku channel description for this game is simple: "We'll flash words on-screen at you; you've just got to spell them, as fast as you can." But this game is more about concentration than it is about spelling - although being a good speller certainly helps.

Here's how the game works: a word will briefly flash onto the screen. When the word goes away, you're given a choice of four letters, one each on the top, bottom, left side, and right side of the screen. Use your directional arrows to select the first letter. Then a choice of four letters will appear and you select the second letter. And so on until you've spelled the entire word.

After the first few words, I thought I had wasted $1.99 by purchasing what was obviously a game for elementary school kids. Spelling words like MAT, JAY, MOM - really? But as I made correct answers, the pace picked up. Words became longer, they appeared for a shorter amount of time, the letters were sometimes smashed together, long words were spelled backwards, and I only had a split-second to figure them out and enter the first letter correctly. Delay and that word is skipped.

The more correct answers you get, the longer a game runs. Skip words or get them wrong and you run out of time quicker. The background color changes as you get answers right or wrong to indicate how you're doing. Green is good. Red means you're about to run out of time. Get correct answers on a red screen, though, and you can go back to green.

There are three levels of difficulty to select from. You can record your initials (or a three-letter name) if you have one of the top 10 scores in each of the three difficulty levels. Although not set up as a multi-player game, Sequence can be played in competition by writing down each person's scores. This would be a great family game for both kids and adults, as you can have different age groups play in different difficulty levels. But this is also a fun game for single-player adults. My $1.99 was well spent after all.

Developer's Channel Description: SEQUENCE is a quick-on-the-button word game. We'll flash words on-screen at you; you've just got to spell them, as fast as you can.

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