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NTD Television English Quick Look: New Tang Dynasty (NTD) Television "seeks to be the world's most trusted authority on news and information about China" according to their website, which also states that "NTD was founded with the goal of reporting on what other Chinese TV networks would not. NTD fills an important void in Chinese language media, boldly investigating topics like abuses of power and human rights violations, and making this information available both inside and outside China."

The original NTD Television channel, which is still available, offered only Chinese-language programs. NTD Television English provides English-language video on demand. Nine series are offered:

  • Chinese News
  • Chinese Focus
  • Chinese Weekly
  • Journey of Chinese Characters
  • Learning Chinese if Fun
  • Journey to the East
  • Discovering China
  • A Decade of Courage
  • Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party

NOTE: This channel was not functioning properly when I reviewed it; videos would not load. This may be a temporary problem, so check back later if you experience difficulties.

-- Information is current as of March 8, 2012

Developer's Channel Description: NTD is your go-to channel for everything related to China. Our team of Chinese and Western reporters strives to bring you truthful, uncensored news and far-reaching insight on what's really happening in China. Our show hosts bring you the best of China's 5,000 years of art, food, music, and culture.

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