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NTD Television Quick Look: New Tang Dynasty (NTD) Television "seeks to be the world's most trusted authority on news and information about China" according to their website, which also states that "NTD was founded with the goal of reporting on what other Chinese TV networks would not. NTD fills an important void in Chinese language media, boldly investigating topics like abuses of power and human rights violations, and making this information available both inside and outside China."

The NTD Television Roku channel provides a single live stream of programs from NTD TV. When I sampled the channel, a news show was airing in Chinese, but with English subtitles. The channel also offers three video on demand channels, also in Chinese.

Program information is available on the NTD TV website, but I wasn't able to find a broadcast schedule for the live channel. (The Broadcast Schedule page on the website shows when the channel is being aired on cable and OTA stations, but doesn't provide a schedule of individual programs.)

-- Information is current as of March 8, 2013

Developer's Channel Description: News, Commentary, Special Programs, Entertainment, drama and more…

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