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Mr. Pete's Playhouse

Quick Look: Mr. Pete's Playhouse is an educational and entertaining channel for children with videos hosted by Julio Petersen as Mr. Pete. The channel contains three full seasons of episodes that teach children many different subjects including colors, numbers, fruits, instruments, the five senses, and various holidays in a fun sing-along format. In addition to each fun learning lesson, there is typically a project associated with the topic, such "Lemonade Ice Pops", "Monster Haircuts", "Seasonal Lanterns" and "Fruit Objects".

Videos range in length from 10-20 minuets each and are safe for children of all ages. The Mr. Pete's Playhouse YouTube channel contains additional content, including the video below.

-- Information is current as of April 30, 2021

Developer's Channel Description: Mr. Pete's Playhouse is a children's program starring Julio Petersen as Mr. Pete. Mr. Pete takes children of all ages on a fun learning adventure which includes various segments of songs, dance, readings and so much more! Although primarily based in his home, Mr. Pete often visits special friends that are eager to share their projects that relate to the theme of the day!

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DEVELOPER: Always Press Record Productions

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