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Mini-Me Videos

Quick Look: Mini-Me Videos is a collection of kid-friendly videos that mostly feature animated content that is both entertaining and educational for kids of all ages. Content currently available includes:

  • Bob the Builder - Season 1 with 13 episodes
  • Brewster the Rooster - Season 1 with 26 episodes
  • Simple Songs 1 & 2 - 35 songs including Old MacDonald, Row Row your Boat. Twinkle Twinkle and more
  • Wibbly Pig - 13 Episodes from season 1
  • Earth to Luna - 26 episodes from season 1
  • Mika's Diary - 26 episodes from season 1 and 26 episodes from season 2
  • The Adventures of Super Mario Brothers 3 - 13 episodes from season 1
  • Li'l Doc - 52 episodes of an animated series discussing illnesses in a manner that children can understand
  • Monkey See Monkey Do - 26 episodes from season 1, an interactive animation/live action show imitating animals and leaning interesting facts
  • Sonic the Hedgehog - 13 episodes from season 1
  • Studio K- Cottonball Purrtends - 9 episodes featuring puppets and live action pretending to be various occupations including Farmer, pilot, Firefighter, Clown and more
  • Studio K- Feelings - 10 episodes featuring puppets and live action discussing various feelings
  • Studio K- Manners - Songs 5 episodes with puppets and people talking about manners including patience, politeness, saying good bye and more
  • Studio K- Rock and Roll - Songs 26 videos of puppets and people singing "rocked out" nursery rhymes and popular kids songs
  • Studio k- Tasting Game - 7 videos making different food comparisons including lettuce vs pizza, Peas vs tacos and broccoli vs burgers
  • Studio K- Wigged Out - 23 videos with people wearing wigs doing things to help them overcome their fears
  • Umigo - 20 episodes of educational programming

Below is one of the many videos currently available on this channel.

-- Information is current as of September 30,2020

Developer's Channel Description: Mini-Me Videos is a safely curated video streaming app where kids of all ages can enjoy fun and educational series in multiple languages. Our fun educational videos are curated specially for kids to promote healthy physical, mental and social development.

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DEVELOPER: Unlimited Gamez Inc.

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