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Memory Match Free Halloween

Quick Look: Memory Match Free Halloween is an ad-sponsored game channel where your memory skills are put to the test. The game is identical to the Memory Match Free version, except that Halloween images replace the original card images. There are three levels of game play:

  • EASY - played on a 2x4 grid
  • MEDIUM - played on a 3x6 grid
  • HARD - played on a 4x8 grid

The object of the game is to match identical images by flipping over one card and finding its match. If you successfully match the pair the squares will turn gray, if your selection does not match the cells remain blue until a match is made. The first two levels are relatively easy since you are playing on a relatively small grid; the real challenge comes on the "HARD" level as there are 32 spaces.

Unfortunately the game does not track how many moves it takes to complete each game.

-- Information is current as of September 13, 2016

Developer's Channel Description: Match the Halloween images for free!

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