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Let's Make It Tasty HD

Quick Look: Let's Make It Tasty HD is an instructional cooking channel with demonstrations of how to make over 100 unique dishes. Each video demonstrates the proper preparation and cooking instructions as well as listing the necessary ingredients. Dishes include Grilled Eel, Sturgeon and Avocado Pear Salad, Ribollita Soup, Ravioli Carbonara, Moussaka, and Veal Carpaccio Trio.

Many, if not all, of the dishes are less-than-traditional meals; in fact, the simplest sounding dish found on this channel might be the Cheese Casserole with Cherry Tomatoes, which is much more involved than your traditional mac & cheese. If you are looking for more traditional family friendly recipes this channel is not for you, instead you may prefer BestCooks, Bon Appétit, or Look & Cook.

-- Information is current as of September 30,2020

Developer's Channel Description: Between thinking about school lunches, getting children to after-school activities, and, surely, managing the job you have, it’s pretty daunting to invent healthy and satisfying meals to be put on the table each day. Meet your greatest bet against daily cooking stress: Let’s Make it Tasty contains a legion of swift and simple family-friendly meals that can please every single family member, even your pickiest -kiddies.

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