Knight's Tour

Quick Look: Knight's Tour is a strategy based game where the object is to turn on all of the lights on a 3x4 grid. There is a catch to the game: ALL movements must mimic the the movements of the Knight in the game of Chess. This means that you have to move 2 spaces forward/back and 1 space up/down.

The game is much more difficult than you would think simply because of the limited movement options. There are helpers; the available positions are lighted in Red so you can see all of your available options. Choose your desired position and use your Roku Game Remote arrow keys (holding it sideways) to move your Knight to the location and press the B button to turn on the light. Once you have turned on a light it will glow Yellow, continue moving around the board until all lights are turned on.

There are 4 levels, all progressively harder than the previous. There is also an Instruction page available to help clarify game play. Games can be continued if you decide the frustration is to much and need a break.

-- Information is current as of July 7, 2015

Developer's Channel Description: Try beat this compilation of the classic, but never old, Knight's Tour puzzle.

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