Jumping Dash

Jumping Dash is a game that is bloated with more commercials than any Roku app we've reviewed in the last 13 years. A commercial played as soon as the app was launched, then two more commercials played after selecting Endless Mode or Levels Mode and which "World" to play in. We selected World A because all other worlds state that you must watch a commercial to play, but even World A requires you to sit through two commercials. After the commercials play, the game immediately starts without warning, but if you don't already know how to play, you'll have less than one second before your avatar hits a wall and dies, then you sit through a 4th commercial before you can resume play. If you have to fortitude to continue on, you'll see commercials #5 and #6 when your avatar hits a wall again. Yes, that's a whopping six commercials to make it through less than 3 seconds of game play. And to make things even more frustrating, 5 of those 6 commercials were the same 30-second ad for Vanguard (which is oddly-targeted considering that this simple little game is clearly directed towards children).

And it gets worse. We went back to try a different World, one that says you must watch an advertisement. This time, there were two commercials when the app launched, followed by two commercials after we selected World B. But those commercials only unlocked the World B button - when we selected World B again, another 2 commercials played. That's six (yes, 6) 30-second commercials before the game begins. We have our limits - we gave Jumping Dash from PlayWorks Digital a 1-star review and deleted it.

We suggest you don't waste your time even adding this to your Roku. But if you do want to give it a try, all you need to do to play is press the OK button on your remote to have your avatar jump or turn to avoid the walls in a maze while collecting diamonds in your path, as shown in the screenshots below.

-- Information is current as of April 27, 2023

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DEVELOPER: PlayWorks Digital LTD

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