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Jolly Planet

Quick Look: Jolly Planet provides educational videos for children from the YouTube of the same name. The channel caters to kids of all ages with a variety of engaging and informative videos designed to teach children basic concepts. There are 10 videos currently available with content that includes Puzzle Time, Animals and their babies, Learn the seasons, Learn the Alphabet and Learn bird names plus several instructional drawing videos.

Below is a video found on their YouTube channel, which contains a much more extensive library of content.

-- Information is current as of February 4, 2019

Roku Channel Store Description: Jolly Planet is a FREE educational channel for Kids of all ages and teenagers.Enjoy the Learning videos, Drawing & Colouring videos, Puzzles and Riddles, Brain teasers for Kids & teenagers overall development and they enjoy learning new things by watching videos. We create programs like Puzzle Time, Art Breeze, best educational videos for kids of all ages and even parents enjoy solving the puzzles, brain teasers and learning drawing along with their children.Jolly Planet is one of the best Kids and Family channel on Roku for FREE. Install this free HD channel to "LEARN WITH FUN". We hope you enjoy our best quality edutainment videos.

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