iggy.tvQuick Look:iggy.tv is in constant search of family friendly, informative, and entertaining content. Well it has been a while since their launch and we thought we would check back in with them to see how they fared. There is definitely more content on the channel and a few more categories as well. The first category is a series of church services found under the title of Villages. There are currently 8 months of services from the Maine Community Church in Stockton Springs. The time frame runs from November 2013 to July 2014. Under the Shopping category there are 3 submissions ReclaimedMaine.com, iggy.tv, and Faith McGary Designs. The Independent Films heading has several submissions available including several music videos,animation, and film shorts. The Entertaining heading has a handful of Public Domain television shows, cartoons and movies including The Beverly Hillbillies, Superman, Popeye, The Boy in the Plastic Bubble (with John Travolta),an Evel Knievel Documentary, and several more. The final category, Informative includes the original video footage from Sassafras Farms as well as some bicycle maintenance videos and the film "The Battle of Britain".

The channel is in search of family friendly content so feel free to contact them and submit your videos.

-- Information is current as of October 30, 2014

Developer's Channel Description: Welcome to Iggy's webstation...Our mission is to transmit entertaining, informative and family friendly ( meaning you wouldn't be embarrassed watching with your kids ) content.

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