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Cool Slots

Quick Look: Cool Slots contains 3 different Vegas style slot machines that you can unlock as you progress. The first game is called Power Hit and it plays like any other slot machine. You start out the game with 7,000 coins, but there are several quick-earning incentives where you can get up to 2,000 more coins by watching ads, clicking on the daily bonus, and spinning the bonus wheel.

You can wager bets that range from 63 to 1575 coins. A payout list is available by using the Pause/Play button on your remote. You are locked into playing the Power Hit game until you reach level 15 when Dragon Slots becomes available. The Pharaoh game is unlocked at level 35.

If you run out of coins you can purchase additional coins from $5.00 for 15,000 coins to 800,000 coins for $70.00. Several other options are also available by clicking on the "Buy Coins" option. Note, though, that there are no cash payouts of any winnings - this game is for entertainment only.

Other slots games available on Roku include Sports Slots, Cowboy Slots, Fantasy Slots, and Mega Slots.

-- Information is current as of October 30, 2020

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