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Castle Warriors

Castle Warriors

Quick Look: Castle Warriors is a strategy game set within a fantasy backdrop where you use your armies to defend your castles and attack others.

The game works like this: You start off with a castle with a given number of warriors. Around you are enemy castles with the number of their warriors identified on a flag. You select a relative number of warriors (all, most, half, etc.) and then you click on an enemy castle that has a fewer number of warriors. You'll see your little warriors march out and do battle with the enemy, then a flag shows the new number of warriors in that castle, and identifies whether they are yours or the enemies.

The objective is to move your warriors forward, taking more castles while defending the ones you control. Yes, those enemy castles will also send out warriors to attack your castles.

This game was originally developed for iOS and Android, and it transfers very nicely over to the Roku.

Developer's Channel Description: Take to the battlefield for queen and country in Castle Warriors, an exciting real-time strategy game from developer GameResort! Lead armies against goblins, orcs, ogres, trolls and demons.

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FEES: $1.99 one-time purchase

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