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Quick Look: BuildnBash is a 3D puzzle game where you race the clock or other competitors to get your building completed. The game is a little difficult to understand at first but going through the tutorial and some game play helps it make sense. The object of the game is to construct the frame of a building by placing "dropping" beams in the proper location. The beams can be rotated by using the up/down arrows on the remote. The view of the building can be rotated by using the left/right arrow keys.

There are several different game modes where you are either racing the clock to complete the building in the shortest time possible or battling against fellow (computer-generated) builders to complete your skyscraper. There are attack modes and defense modes that can be taken when playing against competitors. High scores are kept and you can pause/save games to continue at a later time.

Overall the game is interesting and challenging enough that you will get your $2 Bucks worth.

-- Information is current as of May 8, 2015

Developer's Channel Description: BuildnBash is a fast-paced 3D action puzzle game where players Build buildings from falling beams and Bash opponents all at the same time. You also get to demolish their buildings and watch them crumble to the ground!
Choose from 3 game modes:
TIME CHALLENGE - get on the leaderboard with the best build times.

CHARACTER CHALLENGE - battle 8 unique computer builders.

GROUP CHALLENGE - battle up to 4 computer builders at once.

• Defend incoming attacks while launching your own.

• Speed Round - fast and furious non-stop beam drop.

• Rotate camera 360 degrees.

• Innovative 3D puzzle play with stunning explosions and particle effects.

• Unlock various attacks from a wrecking ball to a fire bomb.

• Dozens of building types to select and construct.

• Leaderboards for career points and best build times.

• Select from 7 different languages.

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FEES: $1.99 one-time purchase