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Quick Look: Bubble_Burst is a simple and entertaining game that is almost identical to The Bubble Game - Free and Bubble Jam. The object of the game is to eliminate clusters of similar-colored balls; the larger the cluster, the higher the point values become.

The playing area is a 10x24 grid of colored balls. To select which cluster of balls to eliminate, use the directional arrow keys on your remote and highlight one of the balls, then click OK. After the remaining balls are shuffled and the empty spaces filled, select a ball in another cluster. When selecting clusters to remove, try to set yourself up to create larger clusters to gain higher point values. If you get stuck you can shuffle the board to create additional plays. Each level has a minimum point requirement to move on the next level, with each level becoming more difficult.

-- Information is current as of January 7, 2021

Developer's Channel Description: Bubble_Burst

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DEVELOPER: Limpid rg Technologies LTD

FEES: None