The Bubble Game - Free

Quick Look: The object of The Bubble Game - Free is to score as many points as possible by collecting clusters of two or more adjoining donuts of the same color. The playing area is a grid of multiple colored donuts as shown in the screenshot below. The more donuts collected at one time, the bigger the reward.

To play, use the arrow keys on your Roku remote to move the cursor to the cluster you want to collect, then press okay to remove the donuts in that cluster. After the remaining donuts are shuffled and the empty spaces filled, select a bubble in another cluster. You play until you have collected all of the doughnut clusters on the board, or there are no more clusters that can be eliminated. If you reach the goal shown for that level, you can move on to the next level.

The game offers 15 levels of play with additional doughnut designs and higher scoring requirements to move on to the next level.

This game is nearly identical to Bubble Jam which is also available on Roku

-- Information is current as of July 3, 2020

Roku Channel Store Description: Group your bubbles to achieve your goal to the next level. But think well before you Pop or else you will lose higher points

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