Quick Look: BrightParents provides a wealth of knowledge that will educate and help relieve stress for first-time parents. The channel offers videos in both English and Spanish with informative information covering the moment of conception through pregnancy and delivery and into the toddler years.

Videos are available in the following categories:

  • Pregnancy and Birth Pack - Labor and Delivery videos
  • First Year Pack - Infant Accidents, Crying, Sleeping, Expectations on growth and development
  • Toddler Pack - Potty Training, Bonding, Tantrums, Whining, Sleeping Nutrition
  • Parenting Pack - Confidence, Courage, Motivation, Discipline, ADD, Autism
  • Life Skills Pack - Job Hunting, Anger Management, Hygiene, Dept, Money Management
  • Special Circumstances - Abuse/Neglect, Pregnancy Loss, STD's
  • Being a Father - Discipline, Role Models
  • Bible Study
  • Positive Partnership - Single parenting, Marriage, Boundaries, Cohabitation

The channel is subscription-based, but you can browse all of the available titles for before subscribing.

-- Information is current as of January 6, 2022

Developer's Channel Description: Parenting can be a challenge, but BrightParents has the powerful and study-based information to help your children thrive. Crying, whining, potty training, sleeping, baby illnesses, baby-proofing, pregnancy, breastfeeding, nutrition, tantrums and even oral health. Plus teaching honesty, kindness, increasing bonding, knowing milestones, and even financial lessons like getting out of debt and budgeting. Over 150 topics that matter to you are all available in one easy app. Plus, new lessons added every month! You are a great parent already; BrightParents can help your family shine!

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DEVELOPER: True to Life Productions, Inc.

FEES: $6.99/month with a 7 day free trial