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Boom Gaming

Quick Look: Boom Bingo is a "Free" bingo channel that allows you to play variations of the popular game BINGO. In order to play this game you must create an account using either Facebook or your Google account. Once you have created the account you add in the code provided to link your account and Roku and you are ready to play.

You are provided with 200 Boom Bucks, or "BB" credits, to start. To play the game you must purchase 5 cards at a time, which equates to 25 BB credits. The numbers are called out in the traditional manner and your cards are automatically daubed when you have a matching number just like the parlor game Bingo.

There are several playing options which can be found below, they all play the same, however there are different themes.

  • Boom Bingo: Traditional bingo caller
  • Kid Bingo: Kids calling out numbers
  • Dog Bingo: Dogs calling out numbers
  • Boom Bingo2: Higher stakes/larger pots
  • Beach Bingo: Callers in bathing suits reading out numbers
  • Character Bingo: Costumed people reading out numbers

You can purchase additional "BB's" through your account, the "BB's" cost are as follows:

200BB for $2.00
500BB for $5.00
1000BB for $10.00 plus a 10% bonus
2000BB for $20.00 plus a 10% bonus
4500BB for $40.00 plus a 10% bonus
8750BB for $75.00 plus a 10% bonus
12KBB for $100.00 plus a 10% bonus
25KBB for $200.00 plus a 10% bonus
62.5KBB for $500.00 plus a 10% bonus

You can purchase a monthly supply of "BB's" for the following costs:

Free: 50BB/day
Silver: 100 BB/day for $9.95/month
Gold: 150 BB/day for $19.95/month
Platinum: 250 BB/day for $39.95/month

NOTE: These games are for entertainment purposes only, there are no cash payouts, play responsibly.

-- Information is current as of November 6, 2015

Developer's Channel Description: Play Bingo at Home! Boom Gaming delivers high quality social gaming experiences right to your TV.

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