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Bills Channel

Quick Look: Bills Channel is a YouTube-based channel containing a large assortment of video segments from some original Series that include Amazon River Monsters, Animal Soldiers, and Bill's Amazing Swim with a Mermaid. Most of the videos were shot in and around the Amazon River and highlight many of the animal species found in that region. Animals include a variety of ominous looking fish, snakes, monkeys, sloths and birds. Additional content includes a small collection of mermaid videos starring Mermaid Melissa, travel adventures, and a few "Real or Fake" videos regarding the existence of mermaids. Additional content is available on his YouTube channel, including the video available below.

-- Information is current as of October 1, 2020

Developer's Channel Description: This channel contains original series on mysterious and amazing animals, keeping animals safe, travelings to wildlife arrears around the world, swimming with mermaids and many more. All series created by Bill Day.

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