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Belvedere Theme

Quick Look: The Belvedere Theme is a custom Roku theme that lets you change the appearance of your Roku's graphical background to display a portion of the label from a bottle of Belvedere Red vodka. A screenshot of this theme is shown below to give you a preview of what your Roku-connected TV will look like with this theme installed.

The Belvedere Theme is a charitable donation theme where 100% of the proceeds from your purchase go to the Global Fund to fight AIDS/HIV in Africa. The project is endorsed by singer-songwriter and co-creator John Legend and African tribal artist, Esther Mahlangu. The label is displayed on the Belvedere Red Vodka bottle where 50% of the profits from bottles sold will go to this cause as well.

When adding this theme through your Roku device, you will be prompted to set the theme after you install it. To change the theme later, or if you've added it through the Roku website, go to [Settings] in your Roku's home screen, select [Themes], and select your desired theme.

-- Information is current as of October 11, 2016

Developer's Channel Description: Help make the difference! With your $2 purchase of this custom theme, (BELVEDERE)RED will donate 100% of the proceeds to the Global Fund to fight AIDS/HIV in Africa. This year, (BELVEDERE)RED’s ambassador, John Legend, has chosen four values to represent this campaign: security, change, support and unity. To bring these values to life, celebrated South African tribal artist, Esther Mahlangu, created unique artwork expressing the powerful values that bond us all in the fight to end HIV/AIDS. This striking theme is inspired by Esther’s incredible artwork that was specially commissioned for (BELVEDERE)RED’s unique bottle. This is no ordinary mission and this is no ordinary bottle. Download this background to support an important cause

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