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Quick Look: Always Summer TV is described as "a new family oriented comedy show looking to deliver cutting edge youth centered episodes, bonus music videos, made for tv films and more! Summer Valentine is the star of Always Summer (written & produced by grammy nominated producer Noisette "Saint Man" St. Jean Jr)."1 A YouTube promo for the show is shown below.

-- Information is current as of August 23, 2012

Developer's Channel Description:New made-for-TV family comedy show starring teen sensation Summer Valentine along with great bonus content. Summer Valentine has over 60 thousand followers across the world via social media. Following the success of her music single "Swerve Line", producer Noisette St. Jean Jr developed this show to further expose the world to Summer's talents. The Always Summer Show is sure to have people of all walks of life laughing together in harmony! Visit for more information!

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DEVELOPER: Always Summer TV

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