Alien Math

Quick Look: Alien Math is a simple game to test a child's math skills. Choose from a time limit of 1, 2, or 3 minutes, and see how many equations you correctly solve in that amount of time. You can select multiplication, division, addition, or substraction, and easy, medium, or difficult.

Alien MathThe game will show an equation at the top of the screen. Five possible answers are shown on parachutes from which space creatures are dangling. The player moves a spacecraft at the bottom of the screen left and right so that it is positioned under the correct answer. Press the OK button on the Roku remote to fire a weapon at the selected answer. A tally of correct answers and total equations is shown on the upper left of the screen.

-- Information is current as of February 28, 2014

Developer's Channel Description: Blast off with Alien Math and enjoy a fun way to practice math. All explorers will chose from addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Select your level of difficulty, time limit to play, and spacecraft to use.

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DEVELOPER: Tonya Stegman

FEES: $0.99 one-time purchase through the Roku Channel Store